Short blog for busy people – the benefits of colouring

Colouring is very relaxing, within just a few minutes of picking up a coloured pencil or pen you will quickly find yourself absorbed in the activity.

It’s likely there’s a lot on your “to do” list…….this doesn’t need to be a barrier between you and relaxation.  Taking just a few minutes out from your busy schedule to do something completely different could bring all sorts of benefits. Usually people find as they chose a colour they like, and pick an image that appeals to them to colour in their mind and body begin to relax. Then the gentle tactile movement of the pencil or pen on paper is calming;  and very different to using a keyboard or touching a screen which is what many of us spend a lot of our time doing these days.

Take a moment to imagine doing some colouring…..feel the pen in your hand….what colour pencil or pen would you pick first…..what is your favourite colour….then think of what would be a lovely picture to bring to life…..a beach scene…..some trees or plants…..a patterned mandala…… it won’t be long before you notice that your breathing has slowed down and your muscles will have softened and you will feel calm and relaxed. 

I’m a Hypnotherapist and I also I work as a part-time Co-ordinator at Breast Cancer Care.  In 2015 set up a lunchtime colouring group – Colour, Chat and Chill, the group was featured in our Vita magazine, Summer 2016 edition).  Click here and scroll down to page 21  to read “A picture of calm” by Georgia

If you have a colouring book at home and haven’t yet got around to picking up your colouring pens, then I’d encourage you to give it a go.

Perhaps you did a bit of colouring last year and haven’t picked up your pens for a while…….take a moment to remember how good it made you feel.

Time flies, it’s important to spend some time doing things that you enjoy.colouring-30-jan

As Georgia says in her magazine article why not pencil in some relaxation time for yourself?


Pick up your pencils, and let me know how you get on!

If you are struggling to find the time to fit in the things that you enjoy, you might find my Blog for busy people: a quick and easy way to set your objectives for 2017 plus practical tips on how to find the time to achieve them, is of interest.

Best wishes.


Lisa French Hypnotherapy.  Empowering you for life


PS August 2017 update, a big thank you to H who recently gave me something from the past, some colouring that I did way back in 1975!

I was moved that my thank you card had been kept for so long, and I was reminded of my life long love of cats!

Anne was a milliner, and regularly gave me off cuts of fabric. She was an exceptional lady and lived to over 100 years old.


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